About Us

Winning Big Fortune is as simple as Sawalo Na Savacrore!

Here is an opportunity for Every Gujarati to win big just by answering General Knowledge Questions! 

Yes, you heard it right! We at Tanvi Productions Private Limited are thrilled to announce the beginning of our innovative new gaming event “Sawalo Na Savacrore” through our official website www.sscgujarat.com

“Sawalo Na Savacrore” is a reality-based game show which would be aired on TV Channel where selected participants would compete with each other and make a bid to become a millionaire. There would be a lot of a number of lucky Gujaratis who would get shortlisted for the Reality Show. 

“Sawalo Na Savacrore” as the name suggests is inspired by the idea to provide every Gujarati with an opportunity to make fortune, test their general knowledge, and enjoy. The idea stems from the belief that opportunities should no longer remain rare and should be available and accessible all the time. Rewards and awards are not merely reserved for special occasions but every day should become a special occasion to earn rewards and awards and we have just done that.

“Sawalo Na Savacrore” game show would be moderated and conducted in Gujarat State and in the Gujarati Language therefore citizens of India with well-versed knowledge of Gujarati language would be considered eligible for participation. Moreover, the minimum age of participants will have to be above 16 years to be considered eligible for the game show. For Registration, all you need to do is to log on to www.sscgujarat.com which gives you a chance to become a millionaire.

The game show has an interesting format wherein selected participants would compete with each other and the event would be shoot live in a studio in presence of a live audience.

We know the pulse of Gujarat and Gujarati People who are strong-headed and always look forward to an opportunity to multiply the fortune. At the heart of “Sawalo Na Savacrore” is to monetize your knowledge and value the talent in you by creating a win-win platform to gain knowledge, earn a fortune, and change the life forever!

Our Reality show has been designed in a way where every participant gets ample opportunity to take away a sizeable amount of fortune. All you need is knowledge and more importantly courage to compete and you have a chance to become a millionaire. You can win a mind-boggling fortune by advancing and clearing rounds of competitions and turn your dreams into a reality of making a fortune and lifestyle that you always wanted!

“Sawalo Na Savacrore” offers exciting events & competitions that offer appropriate rewards for your knowledge. This is a unique platform that all together serves entertainment, excitement, fun, and fortune in one go. Time spent on watching the game show or participating in it is meant to be meaningful, stress-free, and fruitful because we believe earning is more when learning is more.

All our competition events are live / website driven which ensures fair play and smooth conduct of every competition and weeds away any possibility of bias or foul play.

Your best opportunity to Win is on your way! Don’t let it go, log on to our website and Be ‘IN’ it to ‘WIN’ it.